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Keep track of your daily food intake

Healthtracker V1 is a Windows Mobile application for keeping track of your daily diet.

*New in * - Exercises, Microsoft® HealthVault™ integration and charting (requires HealthVault account)

Online food and exercise catalog here .  The food page will provide you with a breakdown of the nutrients of each item and show a graph of the calories breakdown by food.  On the exercise tab there is a calculator that lets you enter in your time to see how many calories you have burned.

Please see our Wiki for information on Installing, Setting up and using HealthTracker.

Set weight goal
Track daily caloric intake
Track daily intake against US RDA recommended values (based on Age and Gender) for:
    - Total Fat (g)
    - Sat Fat (g)
    - Trans Fat (g)
    - Cholesterol (mg)
    - Sodium (mg)
    - Sugar (g)
    - Carbs (g)
    - Fiber (g)
    - Protein (g)
Favorites - Quick shortcut to your favorite food items.  The more you eat of a certain type of food, the higher it shows up in the list.
Database of over 7000 foods

Ability to add custom foods

Database of over 400 exercises
Syncing your data with Microsoft® HealthVault™

Charting (requires HealthVault)
Built in support for 47 languages (click here for the full list)
    includes:  English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese,etc




HealthTracker is Free Software, but if you find it useful, you can support its development :)

HealthTracker is Free Software, but if you find it useful, you can support its development :)

Price: Free
Current version: 1.0.52650.123
Release date: Dec 10, 2009
Download size: 7.1 MB
Size on device: 9.2 MB
Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

For Touch Devices only

Supported Resolutions are 240x320 and 480x640

Upcoming Releases will include:

Community sharing on custom foods entered by you and other HealthTracker users.
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